Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Resolutions


2014 was great.  Here are some highlights:
Punta Cana in January.  AJ and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and Charlotte celebrated 3 years of life in February.  April was full of soccer and plantingMay I got to go to Miami with some CommonGround friends.  In August Wyatt turned 5, and we got some new cows and a bull.  September we got a vacation, and October our crop was harvested.  November I had a career change, and December was full of fun! 
Most years I make resolutions, but I keep them to myself.  Because then, when I FAIL, I'm the only one who feels bad!  Yes, I am one of the many statistics that make resolutions, and never keep them.  The only resolution I can ever remember making and succeeding in my life was to quit biting my nails.  I remember my Grandma buying me some nail polish that made your fingernails taste bad (Avon, anyone?).  However, I didn't think it tasted THAT bad :)  I remember my Grandpa telling me that when I bite and eat my nails, the nails go straight to my appendix.  So, I would need my appendix out sooner rather than later and it would be FILLED with gross nails.  I ended up quitting, and I still don't chew them (unless one breaks and I have to even it out...).

So, what makes resolutions successful?  My best guess is being held accountable.  I think that is what will help me with mine.  I don't have many resolutions, but I hope they make me the best version of myself.

I'm asking for your help.  I'm asking for my 'fans' to hold me accountable.  I'm asking for you to call me out when I make excuses.  I've never believed that by working alone you can achieve more.  Teamwork is the name of the game.

1.  15 pounds in 2015.  I don't feel TERRIBLE about myself, but I feel like at 31 I finally have to start doing something for my energy level.  I don't believe in diets.  I am going to try moderation and eating more fruits and veggies.

2.  15 books in 2015.  This doesn't seem too hard.  I really like books, it's just taking the time to relax and enjoy them.  I've started on one of my favorites, so I'm ahead of the game!

3.  15 good deeds in 2015.  Okay, okay, I hope I do WAY more than only 15 good deeds!  I also probably won't announce them on the blog because I don't believe a good deed is a good deed if someone finds out.  So, just remind me to do it :)

4.  15 new friends/acquaintances in 2015.  I have a new job, and with this new job I need to meet new people.  I'm going to be honest, new people scare the living daylights of me.  This isn't online.  This is IN PERSON.  Scary right? :)  Again, I probably won't announce it here (unless they really want me too :)). 

5.  15 minutes for prayer every day in 2015.  I pray.  But it's time I MAKE time for prayer again in my life.  God is my base, and in order to succeed, I need to be strengthened in my faith.

Lastly, I think everyday I need to resolve to be better at everything I do. 

Well, thanks for holding me accountable for my resolutions.  Here's to 2015!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Fun on the Farm!

I cannot believe that Christmas is here and 2014 is almost over!  We have had a busy month in December.

We started it off by making sure our Christmas lights were all set.  One of the joys of being on the farm is that we are able to put a star on top of our grain bins (about 40 feet or more high!).  The star is about 5 foot tall and looks pretty good (if I do say so myself!).  AJ welded the star together from some steel rods and and we wrapped it in lights.



AJ's brother and my brother both had babies!!!

I got the house decorated in my Christmas decor, and that always makes it feel warm and cozy.  Now, if I can keep it clean and cozy....

We got our Christmas tree at Deals Orchard in Jefferson.  We picked a beautiful tree and the kidswere a lot of help decorating this year.

I was able to have a cookie baking day with some friends, and we baked a boat load of treats!  We will be making this an annual event (at the very LEAST).

The weather has actually been somewhat mild throughout the month, so we were able to get some time in at the pasture.  I wanted to stay home but AJ told me it'd be fun.  He was right (yes, that is in writing, but please, don't take it out of context... ;)).

Charlotte had an open house for dance.

Wyatt had a Christmas concert.

I love the Christmas season!

We thank God for giving us his Son, so that we may count our blessings and watch them grow.