Wednesday, August 14, 2013

4 Years Ago Today…

My baby boy turned FOUR YEARS OLD today!  He is becoming such a neat person.  I'm so proud! I'm also so sad it's gone so fast. I'm trying to hold onto the 'moments' when I can, but even when I do it seems like they still slip by so quickly.  I know it'll only get faster from here on out.

He was definitely spoiled for his birthday, and he most likely always will be.  But, I hope he remembers the fun with friends and family that we get to have too!  We got to have a birthday party at my mom and dads (along with my aunt and his cousin who also have birthdays on August 14th!), a party at daycare, and a party at home with AJs parents!  After our bedtime routine and him breaking down crying because he wanted to wear his new underwear (yup, I wrapped underwear…), I decided he is worn out.  :)  

Here are some fun facts about my big little boy:

  • His chores include:  feeding the dogs (on the weekend), setting the table for meals, and taking his plate to the kitchen after meals.
  • His likes include: FARMING, Charlotte, Iowa State Cyclones, mud, and water.
  • He really doesn’t have a lot of dislikes.  The main one is the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Seriously, I just tell him we like the Cyclones and he is the one that says "eww…Hawkeyes."  ;)
  • We are reading The Little House in the Big Woods right now and he loves it. 
  • His favorite toys are his tractors.  His latest pretending is to go 'power wash' the tractors in the sink.

Obviously I think he’s pretty neat, and of course I know I’m biased.  :) 

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!