Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 

Harvest of 2014 is done on the Blair Farm.  We finished up on the 8th of November.  All in all, harvest went well for us.  It seemed long.  We started on the 29th-30th of September and were completely finished by the 8th of November.  Not too much different than last year (started on September 27 and finished on November 3rd)! 

It snowed shortly after harvest was complete, so we weren't able to do any strip-tillage.  Next spring, I'll share that process with you.  

Prior to the snow we did get some cornstalks baled for our cattle.

We moved cattle from the pasture onto cornstalks.  This was the field that had turnips and rye on it.  There wasn't a TON of cover crop there when we put the cattle on the stalks, but they still seem pretty happy!

The beef calves were sold (these were the calves that were in the pasture all year).  The kids got to skip out of daycare to go with Dad :)  

I won't share a picture of paperwork, because it's just not that fun!  

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!  
The Blairs


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Career Changes

This week was my last as an Agronomist for The Maschhoffs.  It was a very hard decision after almost 8 years!  I've had the best team to work with.  My last week of work with TML consisted of:

An open house for a new Production Partner.  It will never get old seeing great people like this start their future in agriculture.  http://www.supportfarmers.com/news-articles/story-county-celebration

My last team meeting.  Yes, it included Pizza Ranch and Guitar Hero.  BOOM.
My last inspections at sites.  The day ended with 5 pigs somehow escaping.  According to my iPhone, this day I put in the most steps. :)

I will miss that chapter, friends, colleagues, and partners.  

I am excited for the next adventure working with the Boone River Watershed in north-central Iowa as a Watershed Coordinator with the Iowa Soybean Association.  I, again, get to live out my passion for conservation and get to work again with great people.  

Decisions to leave are hard when you love what you do.  Thank you to everyone that have given me the opportunities to do what I love.