Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday Fun on the Farm!

I cannot believe that Christmas is here and 2014 is almost over!  We have had a busy month in December.

We started it off by making sure our Christmas lights were all set.  One of the joys of being on the farm is that we are able to put a star on top of our grain bins (about 40 feet or more high!).  The star is about 5 foot tall and looks pretty good (if I do say so myself!).  AJ welded the star together from some steel rods and and we wrapped it in lights.



AJ's brother and my brother both had babies!!!

I got the house decorated in my Christmas decor, and that always makes it feel warm and cozy.  Now, if I can keep it clean and cozy....

We got our Christmas tree at Deals Orchard in Jefferson.  We picked a beautiful tree and the kidswere a lot of help decorating this year.

I was able to have a cookie baking day with some friends, and we baked a boat load of treats!  We will be making this an annual event (at the very LEAST).

The weather has actually been somewhat mild throughout the month, so we were able to get some time in at the pasture.  I wanted to stay home but AJ told me it'd be fun.  He was right (yes, that is in writing, but please, don't take it out of context... ;)).

Charlotte had an open house for dance.

Wyatt had a Christmas concert.

I love the Christmas season!

We thank God for giving us his Son, so that we may count our blessings and watch them grow. 


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