Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Vacation on the Family Farm

I feel like I'm ready for fall now that our family vacation is over.  It seems like it has prepped me for the hard work of harvest.

We were able to visit AJs brother out in the Black Hills of South Dakota for our family vacation.  The kids did great.  The drive was long, but they made it.  At each stop, we'd make the kids race each other to get some of the energy out.  It may have looked sort of silly, but I think it was necessary.  :) 

The weather was BEAUTIFUL.  We stayed in a waterpark hotel.  We got to visit a local park called Story Book Island, and the kids got to dress up like a pirate and princess.  We biked on the gorgeous Mickelson trail. And, we got to rest.  

Vacations are always difficult to prepare for and then to return back to work.  On the farm, it is no different.  The difference on our family farm is that family dynamic.  AJ's parents went on their vacation a few weeks before ours, and we did all the chores.  While we were on vacation, his parents stayed home and did all the chores.  All of us may not be working every single day on the farm, but we are all able to step in when it matters.  

Another challenge in that is that we don't always do a lot of things that we want to, either.  We have to make it work, and most often, we do.  We also ask family to do more work than we would any employees (including things like working holidays, weekends, etc.).  It may be tough, but it brings us closer together.  

And, after being away, it is GREAT to be Home Again Finnegan. :)

Excited for the trip!
Look closely.  You can see the kids in the waterslide!
Mickelson Trail

Princess and Pirate.


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