Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Big Toys

Planting 2014 has officially begun!  If you follow me on Twitter (see right), you saw that we got out into the field yesterday afternoon.  Of course, we all got a ride! 

Do you remember when you were little and you got a new toy? You couldn't stop smiling or thinking about it? Well, AJ got a new planter, and he can't stop smiling (believe me, it isn't for me, it's for the planter!).
We aren't a family that favors one 'color' of equipment over another. The brand of this planter is White, but it is custom made.  This means that it is the only one in the world like it!  We bought it from someone that put it together using different components from different planter companies (think of it like putting a car together using a Ford , Toyota, Chevy parts).  Some of its highlights are:
  • It is mounted on the tractor (3 point) rather than towed behind the tractor
    • There are no wheels at all on the planter which is desirable because it is hard to get to the row units to work on.
    • It folds forward rather than backward when moving from field to field (easier/safer to maneuver)
  • It has 24 rows (60 ft. wide)
  • We load the seed in the middle of the planter and the planter distributes the seed to each row from air pushing the seed out (blowing).
  • More adjustments can be made from the seat of the tractor to help with more precise placement of our seed.
  • Variable rate drives: this allows us to put different seeding rates/population on without stopping.

We are excited for spring! 


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  1. Great pics! I hope the rest of your planting season is successful.