Thursday, July 20, 2017

Harvest in July

Our combine is out in the field…in July!

This year we are trying something new (to us).  We let some of our cover crop (rye) grow and combined it for the seed! 


Normally, we kill our cover crop in the spring so it doesn’t compete with our cash crop (corn/soybeans).  This year we let it grow to use the seed this fall to plant as cover crops.    


You can see in the photo above you can see the green (weed) area that drowned out this spring.  But over all, it was a pretty field.

You can also see in the photo where the combine is leaving the straw in rows.  We baled that for our cattle and are now going to plant the field to sorghum to chop for cattle feed this fall.

This is the first year doing all of this – we’ll see what we learn!