Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Grill Gift for Teacher – Farmer Style

Wow.  Summer. 

Summer means that this fall I have a little boy heading to kindergarten and a little girl headed to 4 year old preschool.  I remember thinking about these milestones when they were babies and saying to myself, “6 years old is so far away.”  Well, I’m not so different than every other mom out there, am I?

This past year they both LOVED school.  Wyatt was in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Charlotte was in 3 year old preschool.

Charlotte did great in her first year of ‘real’ school.  She went twice a week from 8:30 – 11:30.  Apparently, according to her teacher, Charlotte is ‘friends with everyone, and even friends with kids she doesn’t know.’  Now, the other day at the pool she wouldn’t talk to anyone that talked to her, so I’m sure she has her days. :)  I didn’t get a note home or a call from the principal all year.  Wyatt on the other hand….

Oh, my Wyatt.  I love this kid.  Yet, he frustrates me to no end!  We were told last year that he would probably benefit from TK because that is where they can work on their social skills.  Well, they are ‘worked.’  He was sent to the principal too many times for TK.  When I asked him at the end of the year how many times he went to the office he replied “if you count last year, probably 10.”  Lovely. I’m thankful that the teachers and principal love him in spite of his behavior! 

2014-2015 First Day Last Day Wyatt2014-2015 First Day Last Day Charlotte  Look at how much they’ve grown!  Ok, you may not see it, but I sure do!!  Remind me next year to take better photos :)

I wanted to get the teachers something neat for gifts at the end of the year.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was an awesome!  So, here is my spin on it:

GrillKit First off, I of course had to use our school colors.  Go Jaguars!  Target had some perfect items for the gift (all in all it was about $10 for everything including the bag and tissue paper).  I put it all together in the bag and it looked pretty :)

IMG_2686  IMG_6766

Now, for the ‘farm’ spin on the gift.  I had the kids sign their own card printed one off for each gift:




So, I was going to print off some recipes for pork and beef, but they wouldn’t print nicely, so I just included the websites on the card.  It worked for me (I’m lazy.  Deal with it).  Wyatt loved the idea because he KNEW that his teachers loved grilling.

Happy Summer!