Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Soccer Mom

Spring is here, and I am officially a soccer mom.  Not only that, I am a soccer COACH.  I didn't really sign up to be a coach.  However, when you have 2 kids on the team, you are somewhat obligated.  :)
I am the pee-wee coach for 3 and 4 year olds.  2 out of the six kids are my own.  This should be interesting!  I don't really have much experience with coaching, or soccer for that matter, but I do have a 'game plan.' 

I'm planning to start off by giving the parents information and introducing myself.  Hopefully, that will make them more comfortable being there as well.  I'm thankful for Pinterest because I've already pinned some ideas.  I was also able to talk with some other pee-wee coaches at the kick off meeting to get some other tips.  Here is my first practice plan: 

  • To make sure both the parents and the kids are comfortable with me. 
  • Tell them the rules (main ones being:  no hands, when they hear the whistle - they need to stop playing, treat one another nicely, and HAVE FUN). 
  • Stretch & Warm-up (jumping jacks, running the length of the field)
  • Ice Breaker drill:  stand in a circle and kick the ball to one another.  When the ball comes to you - say your name.
  • Goal kicking:  line up and kick the ball in 15 times (count together)
  • Red Light - Green Light (with a ball):  I will let each one of the kids lead
  • Scrimmage:  we will only have 1 practice before our first game, so hopefully this will help them get the idea of what they need to do. 
If anyone reading has any experience with 'herding' preschool children, coaching, or any other sort of advice, please give it! 

I tried to get my kids to play soccer with me the other day.  Charlotte was happy to take pictures, but was not happy to kick the ball.  Wyatt kicked the ball for 5 minutes, sat down and said "that's enough."  I think my own children will be my biggest battle!

 UPDATE:  Read through my coach update after our first practice and game here


  1. Good luck Kellie! I have no experience with herding that many preschoolers, or soccer, but I think your gave plan looks great!

  2. Thanks Val! I will let you know how it goes :)