Thursday, February 20, 2014


I was able to go down to Iowa State Campus last night and sit on a panel for The Soy Foods Council.  It was great (and I was able to test some tasty soy food :)).  We have done a tour with them last summer, and they continue to get me excited about soy foods!

Normally, the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "soy food" is tofu.  However, there are so many uses of soy in our food!  From Hellmann's Mayonnaise, to pork chops, to chocolate, soy is used to put it on our plates.  

I am excited to learn more about it, but tonight got me #SoyInspired!  Check it out for yourself at  

Do you have concerns about the food on your plate?  Are you concerned that the food you buy is safe?  I am not.  One of the reasons I am sure about this is from being on the farm.  Another reason is being connected to people like CommonGround.  I am a part of this great group that can help you to connect your food to your plate.  This group of resources is wonderful to me and should be to you, too.  Ask questions, don't fear your food.  Join the conversation in Iowa on Facebook:  

I will end with a quote from my son:  "I love you to the moon and all the way back down into a deep dark hole.  But don't worry, the deep dark hole is filled with superheroes."  :)  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Charlotte is 3!

My baby girl turned 3 today!  Birthdays are way more fun when you have a little girl this excited!  I can’t believe how fast 3 years has gone. 

Some of her interests:
  • Disney music.  Almost every night I am asked to sing Beauty and the Beast! 
  • She likes to play ‘mommy.’  I am the sister.  If you stray from those titles, you will be in trouble.
  • Her brother and her are best friends.  And best enemies.
  • Her puppy Dixie
  • Princess dresses.  She likes to dress up, then turn in a circle like a ‘princess.’ 
  • The potty (some days).
Some of her dislikes:
  • The potty (some days).
  • Vegetables (any tips?  I’m thinking if I pour chocolate on them, I may have a chance of her eating them?!)
  • Talking on the real phone (She’ll talk your ear off on a pretend phone)
She is my Valentine.  I love her. 

2014 02 13 Charlotte is 3