Thursday, April 17, 2014

Soccer Mom: Coach Update

I was going to write about spring progress on the farm. Then it snowed (I hope you feel the disappointment that I’m trying to convey…). 

I decided to update you on my Coach Status for soccer. First off: my team is great! They are an excited bunch of 3 and 4 year olds, and their excitement is contagious!

Our first practice was great. We only got through 2 or 3 things on my list from Soccer Mom. Apparently, a half hour goes fast when you are having fun!  Instead of kicking a certain number of goals, we used it to warm up to each other (and to the soccer ball).

Last Saturday was our first two games…and pictures. It was a long day for preschoolers!  Also, out of our 6 on the team, only 4 were there.  So, not only was it a long day, but they had to play most of the time (especially when Charlotte didn’t really want to at all the second game!). 

I laughed pretty hard when they kicked the ball off in our first game, and then, NO ONE MOVED.  They looked around at everyone yelling like, “I kicked it, now what?”  Also, high-fives were something that they didn’t understand either.  So, last night at practice we worked on high-fives and scrimmaged! 

We don’t keep score for this age of soccer, which I think is a good idea.  The main thing is to (as my Grandpa George would say) get your nose hard, and HAVE FUN!  Like I said, my team is great :)   

Now, if we could keep this Iowa weather constant...


  1. We all have to learn high 5's at some point! I bet the team pictures were adorable!

  2. I guess I just take high-five's for granted. I've been doing them for SO long!