Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Walk By Faith

In the past week and a half my community has come together in prayer, volunteer efforts, and so much more for something that this small town never would have thought of happening. Two girls were abducted. One amazing girl (12 years old) got away. The other amazing girl (15 years old) is still missing (if you want to find out more about this story, I’d suggest the Dayton Leader on Facebook, or KCCI). 

I have been a wreck. I feel so helpless.

However, among the bad feelings - there is such a wonderful outpouring of great people in (and out) of this community. To know that so many people have come together to send thoughts and prayers to all the families involved in this is heartwarming. I'm thankful of the good that I am seeing. I'm thankful for faith, hope, and love.

I’m trying to Walk By Faith