Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Cheers for Planting!

Finally, we are out in the field!  Alright, I'm a day late…I'll never claim to be perfect! :)

So, I have a confession: I myself haven't been out to any field yet!  *GASP*  The most I've seen of the planter is here:

2013 05 14 Planting is started Blog

Yup, spring is officially here!

We've had our issues with getting everything to work well out in the field (I should say AJ has had his issues – I just hear about them later on).  From little wires that can prevent an entire 24 row planter from planting, to the GPS not working like it should.  We have kinks every spring, and just keep moving to get the crop in the ground!  Isn't that a lot like life?

The weather has turned nice enough to play outside.  FINALLY.  So, the kids and I have kept ourselves busy in Grandma Becky's garden, the sandbox, and the backyard!  Their bathwater is plenty dirty, and we are ALL tired by bedtime.  I love being on the farm!!

2013 05 07 Back yard swinging 01 Blog

Happy Planting :)

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