Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

So, apparently time goes fast. Everyone has always told me that it continues to get faster, but I tell myself that "it won't for me."  Well, I was wrong. Somehow my little baby boy has become a smart little boy, and my sweet baby girl has now learned to crawl.

I am blessed in my life to have a lot of friends and family tell me to enjoy the moments as they happen. I am sad it has taken me 27 (almost 28) years to figure this out! However, I am very thankful that I can know this as my kids grow. Some days are easier than others, (I won't sugar coat it) but I have a wonderful feeling taking some of these moments in. My moment tonight was when AJ came in early and we all read a book and held hands (by demand of Mr. Wyatt). I took that moment, and that is all that was there - that one moment.  There was no laundry to be sorted, dishes to be washed, toys to be picked up, or work to be done.  It's a challenge some days to recognize and enjoy those moments, but it makes the whole day worth it to take it. 

One if of the best quotes I've seen to help me to remember this is
"Lord, the next time I reach for the vacuum cleaner, remind me that someday this mess will be a memory"
 -- Sabra Ciancanelli, Daily Guideposts 2011

Enjoy your messes. :)


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  1. I am in post 2 and in love with your blog. Keep talking! Also loved your video of Charlie crawling and Wyatt being as boy, lol. Nathan walked in to see and said, "I wish I could be two." We love you!