Monday, October 17, 2011

The first day for the rest of my life.

So like I said - today is the first day for the rest of my life.  Blogging is something new, and as some would call - a hobby.  I am attempting new and fun things that will keep me 'up to date' with this quickly moving world, as well as help me to slow down and smell the roses! 

First, I'll start off with the meaning of my "blog name" (remember, I'm new to this, and don't have the lingo down yet!).  My husband doesn't like it when my Mom and I always tell each other we are 'home again finnegan.'  So, I'll try to inform you of the meaning - TO ME.

Growing up, when ever we'd get home - my dad and mom would always announce "home again finnegan" when driving in the driveway.  And like all that I inherit from my parents, I have inherited this phrase.  But when I think of how I feel when I say it, well, I feel at HOME.  I think of the great feeling I've always had when driving in the driveway from a long day, trip, or even home from college.  That feeling of the weight being instantly lifted, looking up at the house and thinking who I'll get to see or talk to.  Loving the many memories of family events such as birthdays, Christmas, or just family dinners (mostly roast or chicken noodle and dumplings!).  The hugs I'd instantly get when walking in the door.  The smells of home.  The newness that it always brings.  There is nothing like feeling at home. 

Even though my husband doesn't like it when I say it (honey, if you read this, let me know if this helps you out in any way to understand it! <3), he should be happy that I say it.  Because, when I drive into our driveway and walk into the door, that feeling of being HOME is again in my heart.  And I'm excited for our children to carry on that same feeling and tradition of being home.


  1. Hey Kellie, can you add a "follow with Google Friend Connect" button on here? I'm sending a bunch of farmwives your way!

  2. Katie, I'm not really sure how! Teach me? :)

  3. lol. I definitely can if you want me to! We should get together again sometime! Go to and under "layout" go to "add a gadget." And I think it's called "followers." Put it up on the side by your profile.

    Oh wait, I think you already have it at the bottom. Try putting it up on the side. And maybe try the "subscription links" gadget, too.