Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Letters to Santa

Christmas is getting closer.  I am excited, and the kids are too!  However, they are excited for completely different reasons.  I am excited about family time, food, and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas:  the birth of Jesus.  They are excited about PRESENTS! 

We wrote our letters to Santa tonight: 

Charlotte is kind of on track (minus the happy birthday :)).  And, look carefully, because I can definitely see Rudolph in this picture!:

2013-12 Christmas List Charlotte

Wyatt seems to know exactly what he wants (can you tell he’s a farm boy???):

2013-12 Christmas List Wyatt

I am glad that the kids are excited for Christmas!  It makes this time of year very exciting!  Now, it’s time to think about baking…mmm…

What do you do around Christmas time to keep it about others and giving?

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  1. Looks like AJ has given Wyatt his list to ask Santa for...

    Some things we do every year to focus on the "reason for the season" is we only give the kids three gifts on Christmas representing how many gifts Jesus received. One is a clothing item, one is a book and one is a toy. They also get a stocking with little goodies in it from Santa along with one toy.

    We also sponsor a couple kids through our county's Operation Santa program. This year we sponsored a 3 year old boy who wanted a ball for Christmas and a 1 year old girl who wanted (needed) a jacket. We've done this for the last five years but this year we chose children close to our own's age and it really had more of an impact on us.