Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cover Crops 2016

COVER CROPS!!  I hear about it all the time in the news, at field days, etc.  But I learn the most on our own farm.  This year was difficult in deciding what to do for cover crops.  As most probably know, budgets are tight this year.

We sat down and finally decided the plan (always subject to change on the farm, mind you).  Our plan is:
  • Use a Hagie to plant our corn acres with rye.  These fields will be harvested later, so they’ll have more time to grow. 
  • Use a drill to plant our soybean acres with rye.
  • We have one corn field that will be harvested first for earlage - that field will also be drilled. 
We’ve never used a drill before, so this *could* be interesting! 

The Hagie came out on August 31st and seeded the first of our acres to rye.  This machine is pretty cool!  We used a Hagie this year because the weather was perfect for it!  I am excited to see what the cover crop looks like when we harvest the corn!

Cover Crop History:

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