Monday, July 11, 2016

Organic: Yes or No? And, Why?

What are your thoughts about what "organic" means in the grocery store?  Do you tend to buy only organic? Do you question what it is, but buy it anyway? 

I don't want to start a big debate, but I'm curious as to what tendencies you have in the grocery store.

What questions do you have for me on our 'conventional' farm?

I thought this article was a good explanation of organic:


  1. Hey Kellie! When I'm at the store, I tend to purchase whatever produce looks the best-- and that's not always the organic product! If the items appear to be comparable in quality, price is the tie breaker. However, my husband grew up on a conventional farm, so he intentionally seeks out non-organic (or what he calls non-hippy) food. I know some consumers are extremely loyal to organic, but often for the wrong reasons citing it is better for you even though research shows organic food has the same nutritional value as conventional. It breaks my heart though that through social media, there's this pressure of 'if you don't buy organic food for your children, you're a bad mother.' To me, organic is just another option at the grocery store!

    Glad you're opening up a conversation about this, and thanks for sharing Joe's article! :)

    Caitlyn Lamm

    1. Thanks for your comment Caitlyn! I appreciate your view and am glad you feel that either option is safe! Because for me, I know that the food at my grocery store is safe - both organic and not!