Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Happy #EarthDay!  According to Wyatt, they were going to learn about the earth, sun, moon, Mars, and lots more today at school!  I’m not actually sure what the curriculum for today looks like in TK, but I’m sure he’ll learn a lot :)

I would love to celebrate #EarthDay by planting the trees we just purchased from the Webster County Soil and Water Conservation District, but we have a freeze warning tonight.  I’m afraid that the poor things won’t make it if I plant them now! 

Norway Spruce in the background; Sugar Maple, Norway Maple, Red Oak and Lilac in the bucket.
Our flowering pear tree and tulips are JUST starting to look nice, but again, I’m afraid this frost tonight may make them ‘wilty’ (don’t worry about these super technical terms I use…;)). 

No judging on the weeds in my tulips!
 God has some beautiful scenery this time of year! 


  1. Ooh - we need to buy some trees, too! I'm going to have to send you a message about that!

  2. We just planted 10 shrubs last weekend, and of course we had a freeze last night. The neighbors may have thought I was a little crazy running around outside in my robe and tennis shoes throwing sheets over everything. :-)