Friday, July 18, 2014

Organizing my Online World

I upgraded phones this week.  Seriously, it shouldn't be that hard, right?  Well, I've managed to make it very difficult!  It turns out, not everything was syncing from my iPad, iPhone, and computer like I thought it was.  So, instead of it taking a few minutes to activate my new phone, it took me a whole day.  Maybe I'm just not 'with' it anymore.  

I decided maybe I ought to organize my online life a little better.  You know - sync it.  Ha.  I started to look at everything I had and got overwhelmed in a hurry.  Baby steps.  

This social media world is overwhelming.  I want to keep up with everything, but some days I can't.  Along with social media, I also have this thing called a life.  This 'life' of mine is pretty special.  Their names are AJ, Wyatt and Charlotte.  

To those of you that are caught up in this online world:  how do you do it?  Do you create a schedule for 'online' time for both you and your family?  I'd like to know how you all work it in the (way too) fast world.  Here's a glimpse of mine:  :)


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