Thursday, February 13, 2014

Charlotte is 3!

My baby girl turned 3 today!  Birthdays are way more fun when you have a little girl this excited!  I can’t believe how fast 3 years has gone. 

Some of her interests:
  • Disney music.  Almost every night I am asked to sing Beauty and the Beast! 
  • She likes to play ‘mommy.’  I am the sister.  If you stray from those titles, you will be in trouble.
  • Her brother and her are best friends.  And best enemies.
  • Her puppy Dixie
  • Princess dresses.  She likes to dress up, then turn in a circle like a ‘princess.’ 
  • The potty (some days).
Some of her dislikes:
  • The potty (some days).
  • Vegetables (any tips?  I’m thinking if I pour chocolate on them, I may have a chance of her eating them?!)
  • Talking on the real phone (She’ll talk your ear off on a pretend phone)
She is my Valentine.  I love her. 

2014 02 13 Charlotte is 3

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